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Skin biopsies

Skin biopsies involve the collection of a skin sample by one of various techniques. A skin biopsy is usually recommended to clarify a diagnosis that cannot be made with the naked eye or dermoscopy alone, or to confirm a diagnosis prior to further surgical treatment. The collected skin sample is then sent to the pathology lab for analysis under the microscope.
We perform all types of skin biopsies at our practice, including:

Skin Cancer

Many types of skin cancers can be effectively treated at our clinic. Our surgical technique will be tailored to your specific needs and the established diagnosis. We offer surgical treatments such as:
For patients requiring further examination or treatment by another specialist (e.g., a Mohs surgeon or surgical oncologist), a referral will be made to another facility.


If you’ve had enough of your lumps and bumps, we can help you decide if surgery is the right treatment for you. Our board-certified dermatologist performs surgical procedures for the removal of:

Our team also offers the extraction of milia.

Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are harmless growths that are commonly found around the skin folds (neck, armpits, groin area). They may develop due to genetic factors and increase with weight, hormones or age.
We offer various methods for skin tag removal including:

Keloid surgery

Keloids are abnormal scars that occur because of excessive scar tissue following surgery or trauma to the skin. They occur more commonly in individuals with darker complexions.

At Aura Dermatologie we offer surgical excision of small-to-medium sized keloids, followed by corticosteroid injections.

Scar Subcision

The process of subcision involves liberating scars that have adhered to deeper tissues and become bound. As scars develop, they prompt the production of new collagen, which, unlike normal collagen, lacks the suppleness and orderly arrangement.