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Great news! We are currently accepting teledermatology consultations.

Imagine having you skin assessed by a dermatologist from the comfort of your own home, without having to speak to anyone or to rearrange your schedule for an in-person appointment.

We are here to deliver.

You can now submit images for evaluation through SkinApp, a secure platform designed specifically for dermatology.

Please be aware that not all skin conditions can be adequately assessed on pictures and that we may recommend an in-person visit at our physical location in Montreal to complete
your assessment.

This service is only available to Québec residents who are physically located in the province at the time of the consultation. You will need to turn on Location Services on your smartphone in order to be able to use the teledermatology platform.

How it works and what to expect

You will receive a diagnosis and treatment plan from our board-certified dermatologist within 24h.

Is teledermatology the right tool to address your skin concern?

Teledermatology is great if

Teledermatology is not ideal if

Teledermatology is not recommended if

What if I need an in-person follow-up?

Following your teledermatology consultation, if our dermatologist recommends an in-person follow-up to complete your assessment, you will need to schedule a follow-up visit at our physical location through our online booking page.

We are not able to offer referrals to other dermatology clinics to complete an assessment following a teledermatology consultation at Aura Dermatologie. If you decide to seek care at another institution, you will need to organize the appointment independently and obtain a referral from your family physician if required.

What if I would like a teledermatology follow-up?

If you would like your condition to be re-assessed after a certain time, you will be able to submit a new consultation through SkinApp. We do not schedule follow-ups through our teledermatology platform. We recommend using this service for punctual consultations.

What if teledermatology is not the right tool to address my skin concern?

In that case, we’ll be happy to assist you with an in-person consultation.